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Patience Moore "Buckaroos Sleep Too!"


(Running Time: 16 min. 21 sec.)

Singer, songwriter and sometimes yodeler, Patience Moore is an artist who embraces country music's classic past while keeping one cowgirl-booted foot in the present.

That combination shines brightest in her most recent release, Buckaroos Sleep Too!, a 2-CD collection of award-winning music for families, country in nature (from western swing and boogies to acoustic ballads and lullabies) with G-rated lyrics, A-list Nashville musicians, and fresh arrangements, all highlighting Patience's singing and songwriting.

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Uncle Jim "Funky As A Diaper"


(Running Time: 12 min. 17 sec.)

Funky As a Diaper is a collection of twelve original humorous and joyful children's tunes written and performed by Jim Mayer (voted Best New XM Kids Artist).

It's engineered by two-time Grammy award winner and Hall of Fame Engineer, Alan Shulman, with guest performers such as Grammy award-winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin, former Arrested Development singer Nadirah Shakoor and Larry Byram of Steppenwolf fame.

Sponsored by: Sunlight of the Spirit Music