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Blake Addison "The Unreachable"


(Running Time: 15 min. 27 sec.)

Each of the songs on Blake Addison’s Contemporary Christian CD, “The Unreachable”, reflects his beliefs and convictions in dealing with life and what it means to be a Christian. All proceeds from the sale of this CD go to The Lottie Moon Missionary Fund.

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Jim W.


A “Three Cups of Coffee and the Truth Interview” with Jim W. and music from his CD, One Man's Walk. (Running Time: 24 min. 13 sec.)

Jim W.’s journey out of his own personal hell and into a community of recovery has become the substance of “One Man's Walk,” 12 songs chronicling the amazing changes the Twelve Step Recovery Program has brought into his life.

Each song is dedicated to one of the twelve steps. Exploring the simple spiritual tools that have helped Jim and countless others to break the chains of addiction, these songs – these stories, shed light on one man's walk – out of despair.

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Mary Lyn B.


A “Three Cups of Coffee and the Truth Interview” with Mary Lyn B.  and music from her CD, Twelve Songs (Running Time: 28 min. 46 sec.)

Twelve Songs is a compilation of songs that have been inspired through the 12 steps of recovery. Each song uniquely relates to a corresponding step. Mary Lyn's journey of recovery is reflected in songs that will bring strength and encouragement to anyone at any stage of recovery. Mary Lyn has performed at recovery festivals, conventions, and private fundraising events across the United States.

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Sonia Lee "True"


(Running Time: 16 min. 23 sec.)

Sonia Lee, a 2006 and 2008 Kerrville New Folk Finalist, has soothing and authentic Americana style vocals that are finally in the limelight, after performing for years in bands and as a background vocalist from New York to Nashville.

Her style is reminiscent of early Emmy Lou Harris and Alison Krause. Lee's gem, True, is a collection of deeply personal and passionate songs produced by Dove Award-winning writer, Kim McLean.

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Jon Vezner "Vezner & Songs"


(Running Time: 15 min. 11 sec.)

Grammy award-winning songwriter Jon Vezner is a tunesmith of rare sensitivity and dry wit. His catalogue of recorded songs, topped by the poignant Where’ve You Been, reflects his straight-to-the heart sensibility and sensitivity.

In his CD, Vezner & Songs, Vezner weaves the particulars of his own feelings with the lives of people he has known into universal themes that deeply touch listeners’ emotions.

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