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Christopher Kennedy Lawford


A Sober Cafe Podcast Interview with Christopher Kennedy Lawford, author of Moments of Clarity: Voices From the Front Lines of Addiction and Recovery.  (Running Time: 20 min. 23 sec.)

On February 17, 1986, after years of addiction and self-destruction, Lawford reached a turning point in his life, one that would mark the beginning of his long road to recovery.

In his New York Times bestselling memoir, Symptoms of Withdrawal, he chronicled his deep descent into near-fatal drug and alcohol addiction, and his subsequent hard-won journey back to sobriety, which he has maintained for more than twenty years.

The overwhelming response he received to his book impressed upon Lawford the number of people struggling to find their own way back from addiction and the need to share their stories. There was no easy way out for any of them. They all had to go through a moment of humility, vulnerability, and transformation and choose to take that first step of the journey. And each had their own intensely personal moment that signaled a before and an after.

The histories gathered here are the recollections of lives snatched back from the brink of a precipice so wide and deep it threatened to engulf them. As they bravely share their stories, they shed light not only on their own experiences but also on the journey we all take as human beings, looking to make sense of our world.

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Benoit Denizet-Lewis


A Sober Cafe Podcast Interview with Benoit Denizet-Lewis, author of America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life. (Running Time: 27 min. 07 sec.)

America Anonymous is the unforgettable story of eight men and women from around the country — including a grandmother, a college student, a bodybuilder, and a housewife — struggling with addictions.

For nearly three years, acclaimed journalist Benoit Denizet-Lewis immersed himself in their lives as they battled drug and alcohol abuse, overeating, and compulsive gambling and sexuality. Alternating with their stories is Denizet-Lewis's candid account of his own recovery from sexual addiction and his compelling examination of our culture of addiction, where we obsessively search for new and innovative ways to escape the reality of the present moment and make ourselves feel “better.”

Are Americans more addicted than people in other countries, or does it just seem that way? Can food or sex be as addictive as alcohol and drugs? And will we ever be able to treat addiction with a pill? These are just a few of the questions Denizet-Lewis explores during his remarkable journey inside the lives of men and women struggling to become, or stay, sober.

As the addicts in this book stumble, fall, and try again to make a different and better life, Denizet-Lewis records their struggles — and his own — with honesty and empathy.

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