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Patrick Haggerson


A “Three Cups of Coffee and the Truth Interview” with Patrick Haggerson, musician and Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  (Running Time: 15 min. 59 sec.)

Patrick uses music in his work in the field of recovery for meditation, exploring feelings, inspiration and joy. He has been playing music and using it as an expression of recovery for over twenty-one years.  He has two CDs available on Sunlight of the Spirit Music's website.

Desert Spirit – Peaceful Sounds For Meditation uses a unique blend of acoustic guitar, Native American flute, and Inca pan flute to express peaceful, relaxing melodies, which flow like a soft desert breeze.  The songs on (Recovery Spirit)2 are offered as musical expressions which explore and celebrate the changes experienced in the working of each of the 12 steps.

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Tommy Holmes


A “Three Cups of Coffee and the Truth Interview” with Tommy Holmes during the 12 Step Music Fest in the Florida Keys.  (Running Time: 16 min. 28 sec.)

Tommy is a natural talent that shines from the L.A. backdrop. Known for strong melodies and thoughtful lyrics, Tommy works hard to tell the truth in his songs on his self-titled CD.

Recently, he was asked to write and record songs for the film 39 Pounds of Love. Tommy has also had several songs featured on national TV shows such as ABC’s The Nine, The WB’s Dawson’s Creek and UPN’s Jake 2.0.

In this episode of the Sober Cafe Podcast, Tommy shares about his musical background and some insights about his spiritual journey in recovery.

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Robin Richardson


A “Three Cups of Coffee and the Truth Interview” with Robin Richardson, musician and psychotherapist.  (Running Time: 23 min. 42 sec.)

As an incest survivor, healing from an eating disorder, and a recovering alcoholic, these are her truths and yet Robin Richardson is so much more than these labels.

Robin is now singing her truth as an inspirational source for girls and women. She recorded her CD, “Wild Bird” in the spring of 2008 and uses the songs in her performances at schools and conferences across the United States and Canada.

The songs on Wild Bird chronicle Robin’s journey: from victim to thriver, from addiction to recovery, from self-hatred to self-honoring, and from hopelessness to embracing life. Each song represents a stage of growth, a new learning or a discovery along the path.

Robin also collaborated with Tom Wasinger and created Soul Comfort, an instrumental CD that was initially created as the musical backdrop for an eating meditation and designed to be a relaxing, nurturing aid to those struggling with compulsive eating. This hour-long continuous piece of music is recommended to all who seek universal connection and relief from stress and compulsivity.

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Christopher Kennedy Lawford


A Sober Cafe Podcast Interview with Christopher Kennedy Lawford, author of Moments of Clarity: Voices From the Front Lines of Addiction and Recovery.  (Running Time: 20 min. 23 sec.)

On February 17, 1986, after years of addiction and self-destruction, Lawford reached a turning point in his life, one that would mark the beginning of his long road to recovery.

In his New York Times bestselling memoir, Symptoms of Withdrawal, he chronicled his deep descent into near-fatal drug and alcohol addiction, and his subsequent hard-won journey back to sobriety, which he has maintained for more than twenty years.

The overwhelming response he received to his book impressed upon Lawford the number of people struggling to find their own way back from addiction and the need to share their stories. There was no easy way out for any of them. They all had to go through a moment of humility, vulnerability, and transformation and choose to take that first step of the journey. And each had their own intensely personal moment that signaled a before and an after.

The histories gathered here are the recollections of lives snatched back from the brink of a precipice so wide and deep it threatened to engulf them. As they bravely share their stories, they shed light not only on their own experiences but also on the journey we all take as human beings, looking to make sense of our world.

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Lee Domann


A “Three Cups of Coffee and the Truth Interview” with Lee Domann and music from his CD, Songs For Ebby T. (Running Time: 36 min. 27 sec.)

Lee Domann, an award-winning songwriter, has songs recorded by a variety of artists including Kathy Mattea, The Bishops, and Riders In the Sky. Lee's style is reminiscent of Garrison Keillor, of NPR's The Prairie Home Companion. His music will make you laugh, cry, cheer, remember, and know.

The message in these 10 songs will be familiar to many persons within the rich variety of 12-Step programs currently available.
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